Practice Performance Assessment Modules (O-CAT)

The AOA has refined their OCC requirements relating to the required date of re-certification. In that regard, we list here the requirements for Component 4 (Practice Performance Assessment) relative to certificate expiration dates. Diplomates are still required to enroll and participate in OCC as of January 1, 2013. However, the requirement for completion of Component 4 will be modified based on certificate expiration date.

There are two ways to meet this assignment with the updated OCC rules from the AOA.

1.  You may login to your OCAT account if you have already paid and created one and do 1 PPA (4 modules)


2.  You may do this:

Here is the link – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. It’s really simple.  The individual would just login with their AOA username and password and they would complete the form.  This form is attesting to a quality improvement project.  10% are audited.


Certificate Expiration Date

No. of Modules to be Completed

Group 1
2014 None until certificate renewed
2015 None until certificate renewed
2016 None until certificate renewed
Group 2
2017 1 PPA prior to certificate renewal
2018 1 PPA prior to certificate renewal
2019 1 PPA prior to certificate renewal
Group 3
2020 and after 2 PPA prior to certificate renewal


Practice Performance Assessment and Improvement (PPA) 

The AOBD has several different, chart based, online modules available through the AOA OSCAT program. Currently, clinical modules include: melanoma, acne and atopic dermatitis. The completion of one PPA module will be required every 5 years in the cycle (i.e. one PPA module completed during years 1-5 and one PPA module completed during years 6-10).

Note: You must use Google Chrome to access the site.

Register at



  • $295 for 2-year subscription

Payment Method

  • Credit card: physicians pay O-CAT directly

Clinical Practice Performance Assessments (PPAs)

  • Available online through the O-CAT system

Core Competency

  • Professionalism/Communication Training and PPA available now
  • Additional modules will be loaded onto the system as they become available


  • Two years
  • Boards are notified as diplomates sign up
  • Physician has unlimited access to all PPAs for the specialty and Core Competencies
  • Additional Core Competencies modules available for CME
  • O-CAT system will update AOA’s OCC platform
  • O-CAT data will appear on physician’s OCC status page

Clinical PPA Review

  • PPAs are reviewed blind; submissions are de-identified when reviewed

Clinical PPA Process

  1. Physician subscribes to O-CAT system
  2. Physician chooses module for Component 4 compliance
  3. Physician completes chosen PPA module with consecutive charts from his/her practice
  4. Board is notified physician has completed module
  5. Reviewer approves PPA as complete or sends notification for remediation
  6. If remediation is required return to Step 3 and repeat to show improvement over first module completion
  7. AOA OCC software platform notified of successful module completion
  8. AOA assigns CME credit for successful module completion