Dermatopathology Certificate of Added Qualification-Recertification



The following are requirements that must be met to be eligible for recertification examination in Dermatopathology by the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology (AOBD)/American Osteopathic Board of Pathology (AOBP). Please read over this information carefully and complete the required application for examination along with submission of the required documents as specified below and on the application checklist. Candidates who successfully complete the examination process may then receive a Certificate of Added Qualification in Dermatopathology from the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)/American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology (AOBD)/American Osteopathic Board of Pathology (AOBP).


To be eligible for examination and certification in dermatopathology, the applicant must complete all of the following application and examination procedures. Click here to register for application process. Once registered, all required materials are listed in and should be submitted to using the login and email provided to you. Documentation to be submitted to the AOBD shall include:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Copy of AOBD or AOBP Board Certificate
  3. Copy of AOBD/AOBP Certificate of Added Qualification in Dermatopathology
  4. Copy of current State Medical License
  5. Copy of current CLIA Laboratory Certificate
  6. If the applicant’s practice is restricted to pathology/dermatopathology, the laboratory must be accredited by the AOA Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), College of American Pathologists, JCAHO or equivalent accrediting agency
  7. Letter of good standing from the AOA
  8. Letter describing nature of Dermatopathology training
  9. Provide evidence of having performed at least 500 dermatopathology cases in a 12 month period prior to submission of application
  10. Provide proof of attendance/completion of a minimum of fifty (50) hours of accredited CME in dermatology or pathology in the 3 years prior to recertification.  Ten (10) of those hours must have been in dermatopathology
  11. Submit 20 glass slides with reports for the Clinical Assessment Program (CAP). Slides will be reviewed for accuracy and conformity with standard of care.  These must be mailed by July 1, 2017, to:

    Mary Jo Robinson, DO

    Marian University

    College of Osteopathic Medicine

    3200 Cold Spring Road

    Indianapolis IN 46222

  12. Signed applicant statement
  13. $1,800.00 non-refundable fee. This fee is non-refundable.

The above checklist outlines the documents that must be submitted with your application in order to complete your application process.

Applicants who satisfactorily meet the above requirements may sit for the recertifying board examination.

The recertifying board examination consists of three sections:

  1. Written: questions with multiple choice answers covering representative topics. Dermatopathology Table of Test Specifications
  2. Clinical images: clinical dermatology with pathological correlation, electron microscopy, mycology, entomology, etc.
  3. Glass slides or digital images of glass slides: sets of representative glass slides or digital images of glass slides with multiple choice answers.Beginning in 2013, dermatopathology slides will be presented as digital scanned images instead of glass slides.Candidates will use individual laptop computers to access the scanned digital slides. Slides will be viewed with an Aperio program called ImageScope. This program allows complete manipulation of the slide as a “virtual microscope”. Slides can be moved and rotated. Slides can be viewed from scanning power up to 40X. Each candidate will have the ability to view their own slide images at their own pace. It is HIGHLY recommended that candidates download the free Aperio ImageScope prior to the test. Candidates should practice with the program to become comfortable with manipulating digital slides.The FREE program can be obtained here:
    Alternatively, you can sign in as guest and browse this site for viewing slides: (open with ImageScope)
    Please read the Orientation to using Virtual (digital) Slides for Certification Examinations for more information.

The syllabus for the examination is developed from the books Weedon’s Skin Pathology and McKee’s Pathology of the Skin.  This information will assist you in focusing your study efforts but does not guarantee that all examination questions will be taken from these references.

All licenses, memberships and certificates MUST be valid as of the date of the test.